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71 LBS. 58 Days



Terry’s story:
My name is Terry, and my GFC Health Products HCG journey started in September of 2009.  I was tipping the scales at nearly 300 lbs and was diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
I heard about the HCG from my sister in law and although I was highly sceptical, I decided “What have I got to lose?” (pun intended) … and so I decided to give it a try.
To make a long story short and happy, nearly three years later, I am at present time well over 100 lbs lighter, and my health has vastly improved.  I have no more diabetes, no high blood pressure and no more high cholesterol.  The large array of medicines I had to take for those conditions is also a thing of the past.   I cannot begin to say or describe how life altering this has all been for me. (And my doctors are thrilled!)
When I first started out, I said to myself, “If I could just lose fifty lbs I would be so happy!”  Well … I have lost much, much more, and I am definitely very happy. 
It will always be a challenge for me with my inherited body type and fighting the urges to comfort myself with food, but I am learning how to make good and healthy choices for myself in order to maintain my weight loss. My new way of rewarding myself is with a whole closet full of way smaller clothes!
I intend to do another round with my husband as soon as the summer holidays are over. (I have included his story as well) I would like to lose another twenty lbs and I know I can do it!
I like to say that having HCG in my cupboard is like having the right tool in the tool box for when you need to do the job, and I also LOVE sharing my success and assistance with any who ask!!
One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to follow the protocol strictly without deviation and you will see the weight just drop off!! It is really very amazing!
((Skinnier Hugs)) to you all as you embark on this journey.  You can and will have the same great success!
Rob’s Story:
I watched my wife’s success with great happiness as she lost pounds and inches before my eyes.  I waited to try it myself though, for one reason or another … a kind of wait and see attitude, and also work schedule complications interfered. 
When I did begin in November 2010, I went quickly from 265 lbs (by April 1st 2011) down to my present weight of 205 lbs. Sixty lbs gone forever!  I did stabilization and then maintenance and have kept my weight steadily at this point to the present time (July 2011)
I will do another round in September and will be able to maintain at about 185 or thereabouts quite nicely.  Losing the weight was very easy and pretty much painless … the most difficult for me was the stabilization phase, as I had a bit of difficulty adjusting and then it was a bit of a learning curve to teach myself how to maintain without regaining … in my personal case, I find that I am quite “carb sensitive” so I have to restrict the carbohydrates to just good whole grains and in smaller amounts.  I feel very good and it is a real pleasure to be able to move more easily and quickly as I used to do when much younger.
I heartily encourage any who are perhaps hesitating to do the protocol.  Stick to the protocol without tweaking or cheating and you will have certain success!
My success can be yours also.

63 LBS in 44 Days






90 LBS in 65 Days




Let me begin my testimony first by saying that I owe my life
to GFC Health Products. Back before I even heard anything about
HCG I had gone to the doctor because I could feel myself dying.
The doctor said that within a year I would not be alive anymore
if I did not do something about my weight. I was on 4 shots a day
of insulin. I was taking thyroid medication, blood pressure and
high cholesterol and also pills for my diabetes.I left his office
that day in tears. A weight of 325 and barely able to get around
I made a decision that day, I was going to find a diet that would
work for me.I got home and searched the internet for the best fat
burning medicine out there. I searched and searched and kept coming
across this stuff called HCG. I read so many testimonies of people
that have done HCG and lost a lot of weight. The only thing I did
not like was the one thing most people was recommending was the RX
injections and doing injections already 4 times a day with insulin
I did not really want to go that route, so I searched more and came
across GFC Health Products. I have a friend who was using GFC Health
Products and said that she would send me a bottle to try before I
bought my own. I started Aug 8th 2010...I have never been so amazed
with a product in my whole life as I was with GFC Health Products.
I had no hunger or cravings. The diet is so simple to follow. I have
been using GFC Health Products for almost a year now and have gone
from 325 to 211 and best of all I am off all my medications. No
insulin shots and no pills.I highly recommend GFC Health Products
for those of you looking to lose weight..even if it is only 20 pounds.
 Have I tried other HCG products? Yes..I seen cheaper bottles and
that is exactly what I got cheap. I was hungry and craving all the
time. So now I only use GFC Health Products. Reasonably priced and
best of all IT WORKS!! I am far from done, I need to still lose 75-85
pounds. I am feeling great, lots of energy Thank you GFC Health




At 6' 3"  and 325 lbs, I was a big guy.  I carried my weight well, and nobody every thought I was obese, other than the Doctors and the numbers on my health.  Cholesterol was skyrocketing, Blood sugar was dangerously high, and my blood pressure was hypertensive. But the things that bothered me the most was how I looked and how my weight was limiting me.  Triple X shirts were big enough, just not long enough.  When I stood in my closet looking at a wall of clothes trying to figure out which one I could wear and not feel like the Michilen man.  When we went to amusement parks, I had to stand and wait for the family to ride the rides, because I was too big.  The fact was I tried to lose weight many times.  I could always drop some pounds, but eventually around three weeks into it, I might be 12 pounds down and would just get frustrated and say forget it.  As a last ditch effort and really looking for affirmation that I was just fat and couldn't do anything about it, I tried this crazy HCG diet.  Just to prove that it was crazy and I was just fat and nothing could be done about it.  40 days later I was down 45 pounds!  That was a huge motivator.  When my schedule allowed, I did another round and dropped another 39.5 pounds.  These were results that I needed. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of losing 100 pounds and maintaining. Those major results in a short time have been the motivator to make the lifestyle eating changes that I needed to do.  This diet worked wonders for me.  I have been able to take dozens of people through the diet as well.  And for those that really committed to it, it has worked great for them as well.



My name is Shannon, and I wanna say thank you, thank you, thank you to GFC for being such a amazing company, and a GREAT product! I have tried so many products in the pass and nothing, I mean nothing has worked for me! I came across GFC products and heard all the "hype" of HCG and wanted to give it a try. I must be honest I went into this thinking it wouldn't work.. I was told your only suppose to lose 1-2 pounds a week and I lost 16 pounds my FIRST week!!!! I tried on a pair of pants after my loading days and they wouldn't button up! I tried them on a week later and OMG they FIT and button up... All this in ONE week! Just in that one week my energy level was sooooo up and I was able to sleep much better. I wanna thank Leslie for being such a wonderful wonderful person and I'm so glad I found a product that works! I was told someone my size( I started @ over 400) will have to have weight lost surgery to lose. Well NOT me! I have friends who have had the WLS and none of them have lost 16pounds there first week! This product is the best and is helping me change my life. My journey continues but with this product and wonderful coaches I KNOW I will reach my goal in no time! Thank you GFC...

Aimee ( NO PIC )
GFC HCG drops have been a god send.  I have CONSISTENTLY been able to lose anywhere from 15-25 lbs in 30 days or less.  I have used the drops on and off for about 9 months and it has been the only way for me to lose weight fast, efficiently and safely. These drops have been consistent and have shown results for me time and time again.  These are the only drops and pellets I use and will continue to use from this time onward.  As a matter of fact, I am doing a round right now and I have lost about 18lbs in 25 days. :)
Thank you, GFC you have made my weight loss so much easier!!
Aimee R