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Diet Directions


Directions and Help (FAQ)
 Dosing schedule is:
Take 15 drops 3 times daily or .33cc 3 times a day, or 1/3 dropper 3 times a day

Take your dose 15 minutes prior to or after having anything in your mouth…….. (Food, toothpaste, drink, cigarettes, chewing gum….etc).

ATTN: Triple Dose Drops Directions: Please ADD one serving each of Protiens and Carbs per day! Everything else is the same.

Please refrigerate after opening.


Directions for HCG DROPS

HCG Drops Dosing schedule is:
Take 15 drops 3 times daily or .33cc 3 times a day, or 1/3 dropper 3 times a day

Take your dose 15 minutes prior to or after having anything in your mouth…….. (Food, toothpaste, drink, cigarettes, chewing gum….etc).

Day 1 & 2 You must eat to capacity the most fattening food you can get down. You should eat more than usual; this is to ensure all normal and structural fat is full

Day 3 is when you begin this 500 Cal diet (VLCD). Every item in the list is gone over carefully, continually stressing the point that no variations other than those listed may be introduced. All things not listed are forbidden, and the patient is assured that nothing permissible has been left out. The 100 grams of meat must be scrupulously weighed raw after all visible fat has been removed. To do this accurately the patient must have a letter-scale, as kitchen scales are not sufficiently accurate and the butcher should certainly not be relied upon. Those patients, who feel that even so little food is too much for them, can omit anything they wish.

Any amount of liquid can be drunk as long as you drink at least 1 gallon per 100 lbs. of body weight. No Sugar or Aspartame products. Stevia products can be used as a sweetener.

You can have 2 servings of meat a day. Do not combine the servings. Each serving is 100 grams (3.5 oz). All meat is to be weighed raw (before cooking). Remove all visible fat before weighing. No cheeses. If you are a vegetarian you can substitute the meat for 500 cc of skimmed milk. You can turn the milk into curds.
Allowed meat is:
• Veal
• Kidneys
• Chicken Breast (this means only the breast from chicken only no other bird. Take the meat from the bone before cooking.)
• Fresh white fish (no salmon, eel, herring, mackerel, dried, or pickled fish) White fish (Flounder, Sole, Wild Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper and Halibut) Perch, tuna cat fish, cod, haddock, tilapia, and trout.
• Lobster
• Crab
• Shrimp
• Prawns
Preferred cooking methods: Broil Steam, Braise, Roast, Stewed or Grilled. All visible fat removed prior to cooking.

Do not mix the vegetables; you can have 2 servings a day
Spinach Fennel
Chard Onions
Beet Greens Red Radishes
Green Salad Cucumbers
Tomatoes Asparagus
Celery Cabbage
Bamboo shoots, Green beans, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery,
Chard Swiss, Eggplant, Green and Red peppers Kale, Okra.
Mushrooms, Squash (yellow and summer), Zucchini, Watercress

2 fruits a day do not eat a the same time
1 Apple
1 Orange (not tangerines)
1 handful of strawberries
½ grapefruit
Honeydew Mellon, Cantaloupe, Cherries, Blackberries,
Blueberries, Apricot and Boysenberries (1 cup = 1 serving) Honeydew Mellon, Watermelon, Peaches
2 breads a day not to be eaten at the same time
1 Melba toast
1 Grissini
The juice of one lemon can be used daily. Any spices are OK. Vinegar is good to have. Sweeteners can be used. No fat, oil, butter, or dressing. You do not have to eat all the food allotted for one day. If you do not eat from a food group it cannot be added to the next day’s amount. Specially prepared unsweetened low calorie foods can be eaten Just be care full and do hog wild.

The diet is 500 calories a day. The daily food intake should include 200 grams of meat or protein. If you are a vegetarian you can substitute the meat for 500 cc of skimmed milk. You can turn the milk into curds.

There is no objection to breaking up the two meals. For instance having a breadstick and an apple for breakfast or before going to bed, provided they are deducted from the regular meals. The whole daily ration of two breadsticks or two fruits may not be eaten at the same time, nor can any item saved from the previous day be added on the following day. In the beginning patients are advised to check every meal against their diet sheet before starting to eat and not to rely on their memory. It is also worth pointing out that any attempt to observe this diet without HCG will lead to trouble in two to three days.

Maintenance phase after 44 days of dieting:

The maintenance phase (also known as Phase 3 created by Kevin Trudeau and the stabilization period) is the 3 week period after you finish your drops. There are a few simple rules you must follow: you must weigh yourself every day, you must remain within 2 pounds of your last dose weight (either above or below), and you cannot eat sugars and starches. It is extremely important to eat enough protein on this phase; many people eat at least 100 grams of true protein (about 400 grams weighed raw). If you go over the 2 pounds, you must do a steak day (this is explained in the protocol and in the tips and tricks page). We want to be clear that this 3 week period is crucial to the success of the diet. The entire phase is explained in Dr. Simeons Pounds & Inches, yet we compiled a list to help you out. Before we get to the list, read an excerpt from Pounds & Inches:

One last item before we begin: The day that you take your last drop dose, you count 72 hours (continuing on the 500 VLCD for those 72 hours) from that moment and then you start the maintenance phase. That weight that you were the morning of your last dose is the weight that you use as a basis for your maintenance phase. Anything OVER two pounds from that weight calls for a steak day.

NOTE: The time period to begin this phase is not 3 days after your last dose, it is 72 hours!

First thing, when beginning the 3 week maintenance phase, make sure to increase your calories to at least 1500. Don’t try to continue the diet after the HCG is out of your system. Bear in mind, your weight will fluctuate the first week or two; this is normal. Do a steak day if you need to. The weight will eventually stabilize. Watch the starch and sugar religiously during the 3 weeks. Read labels. (Continue) eating organic food if possible. Eat whatever you want, without starch or sugar, during the maintenance phase. Make sure you are eating enough. Use healthy fats and dairy products to up your calorie intake if necessary. Drink enough water.

After 3 week Maintenance Phase

1. After you finish the 3 week maintenance phase, be sure to add your carbs back in slowly. Take note of what makes you gain weight. Start with healthy low glycemic carb like oatmeal and Ezekiel break or sweet potatoes or brown rice. You can also print out a chart of foods which has low glycemic foods on it here which can be used after you finish the maintenance phase.

2. Keep drinking your water and teas. If you’ve managed to refrain from diet coke and processed food…continue. This will contribute to successful maintenance.

3. Be sure to continue to watch the scale and remain within 2 pounds of the last injection weight. If at ANY point you are above 2 pounds, immediately do a steak day.

4. You can now eat or drink any foods you wish. Continue to weigh daily and see how the various foods you introduce affect your weight. Adjust your intake in accordance with what you discover about your own unique response to foods.

Tips on Managing Stalls/Gains:

1. Watch what you’re eating; you should have a food journal and you might find patterns of foods that cause you not to lose, or to lose fantastically. A lot of people have had problems losing with tomatoes and oranges (but some people have no problem at all). Everybody is different and you need to monitor your own body and see what works (and doesn’t work) for you.

2. Make sure you are drinking enough water (at least 2 liters a day).

3. Those that have held true to the diet and not cheated have been rewarded with a large weight reduction when it finally drops. You will usually resume your previous average loss before the stall.

4. Each time you stall, take your measurements; you have probably lost inches (remember it is called Pounds and INCHES).

5. You could gain some weight and not have cheated, depending on your menses, ovulation, and hormones. Almost all of us have seen the scale go up due to water retention, etc.

6. If you eat more salt in the food you prepare, and your body isn’t used to that sodium level, your blood volume will increase to handle the extra salt, which will translate into a gain because you’re retaining water to boost that blood volume. In other words, watch your salt intake.

7. Remember what Simeons said about losing. You lose fat from the body cells but the cells do not disappear at the same time. The cell structure is still present for two to three days while the body breaks down the cellulose and fills the cell with water in order to release it (through urine). Once the fat cell is removed, the scale will drop.

8. Sensitivity/allergies to foods (like lemons) may cause weight stalls. Listen to your body. The guru is you!

9. Pay attention to weight gains, they usually signify a mishap in the protocol, like not drinking enough water, eating too many/too few calories, too much salt, or (inadvertently) eating foods not allowed on the protocol.

10. Be careful, spices have calories. As long as the serving size listed has less than 5 calories, the company can list 0 calories (even though it may actually have 4). Usually spices and seasonings use 1/4 of a teaspoon as their serving size, so BE CAREFUL…4 calories in 1/4 teaspoon = 16 calories in 1 teaspoon. Account for every calorie, no matter how miniscule it may seem. Here is an exact calorie count per TABLESPOON of various spices:
1TB Onion Powder = 22.54 calories
1TB Garlic Powder = 27.91 calories
1TB Chili Powder = 23.55 calories
1TB Paprika = 19.94 calories
1TB Poultry Season = 11.36 calories
1TB Oregano = 13.77 calories

11. Weight gains/stalls may take a few days to kick in. For example, you could mix your veggies for a few days and assume there is no problem based on what the scale reads, but then a stall or gain can suddenly reflect the breaking of the rules. Many people believe a stall comes out of nowhere, but it is usually instigated by something (if not a previous weight set point).
12 It is important to know that what works for one person does NOT mean it will work for everyone; to prevent stalls/gains simply do not make changes to Dr. Simeons protocol just because someone else is losing with that modification.

13. In women, menstrual periods increase water retention, and water weight shows on the scale. If you know you are following the plan and are not cheating, you just need to accept that the stall/gain is temporary and continue to follow the protocol. The drop will happen once the menstrual cycle is normalized in the body.
14. If you are following Dr. Simeons to a “T” and have no other explanations for a stall/gain, look at your life and the levels of stress. Stress causes cortisol which hinders weight loss and/or causes you to gain weight. Try to remain calm and stress-free.

Tips to Manage Cheating

1. Do NOT cheat, you will regret it…here are a few words of wisdoms from other users who have cheated in the past.
2. Do not be afraid of cheating–you have complete control whether you give into temptation or not. Just because someone else has cheated does not mean you will cheat as well. Many, many people have done the protocol without cheating, and you can too. Prepare yourself for the fact that you will *want* to cheat, but *acting* on the thought is your solely decision.

3. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

4. Do NOT cheat, this cannot be stated enough, it is a waste of time and money and NOT WORTH IT! Also know that if you cheat, you will gain more than you would not on HCG.

5. To get your mind off of wanting to cheat, focus your attention on something else. You can take a walk, go to the library, Movie Theater, or visit with friends. It is also nice to find a support system, whether it is through an online group (visit here), a buddy who is following the diet with you, family member(s), etc. Just make sure you have someone to stop you from cheating.

6. Create a cabinet in your kitchen which supports your diet. Store your teas, Stevia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grissini/Melba, fruit, etc. and use this special place to “snack” with items that are all allowed on the protocol.

7. Do NOT create your own substitutions. Dr. Simeons created a specific list of foods to eat and studied each food intensely. If you start making substitutions, then Dr Simeons’ protocol becomes weaker and weaker, and eventually will become completely ineffective. It is the substitutions to the protocol that give the program a bad reputation; it needs to be precisely followed.

8. Do not interfere with your own weight loss success by not following the protocol! Dr Simeons’ program eliminates and/or reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings. However, if sugar and carbohydrates remain in your diet (except for the allowed starch), you are not allowing your body to cleanse and your hypothalamus to reset. These are the key to lifelong success.

9. You don’t need to understand why something will or will not work with the Simeons plan. There are many unexplainable factors to the program; you just need to know that substitutions to the protocol cause weight loss to slow. Just because something doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean you should change it. Do not expect to have the results produced on the Simeons protocol if you do not follow the Simeons protocol.

10. Expect to have cravings, be hungry and moody and expect to want to cheat. These expectations will let you be prepared to control the cravings, hunger, moods, and cheats. Prepare yourself for these feelings, but know that the decision to deviate is yours…stay strong and remember that only you are accountable for everything you put into your mouth.
11. When you feel a craving coming on, go and brush your teeth; this should help the craving pass.
12. Don’t disappoint Dr. Simeons, he would not let someone remain on the HCG protocol if he/she cheated more than three times. You need to commit to the program and stay with it!
13. The only way to fix a cheat is to get back on track and tell yourself that you will not cheat. The more you tell yourself that you cannot cheat, the stronger you should feel. If you allow yourself a bite of something, you have already cheated, and you should never make that allowance.
14. When you use food as an emotional crutch, you will find it difficult to cope without that crutch while on the VLCD. You need to fill the empty spot with something healthy that you can enjoy both on and off the protocol. This will not only reduce cravings, but also help you maintain your new healthy weight. Some possibilities include crafting, painting, walking, and gardening.
15. If you go forward and cheat, you have to take responsibility for that cheat. You should feel guilty and unsatisfied, and you will pay for the cheat for three to five days. This can be 3-5 days of the scale going up, or staying the same. You have to pay for your mistakes, and it sure is time consuming. There is nothing you can do except stop cheating and vow to yourself that you will not cheat again.